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10 Reasons Why Ayakoromor Bridge Must be Completed




By Demebide, Master Tony.

10 Reasons Why Ayakoromor Bridge Must be Completed

  1. It will bring about development which will gradually creep into other parts of the riverine e.g new structures, modern facilities, equipment and others which will replace the archaic ones.
  2. It will increase business opportunities, wake up the entrepreneurship spirit and increase job opportunities.

  3. These business and job opportunities as well as entrepreneurship will minimize the poverty level.

  4. Crimes caused by poverty and idleness such as theft or other crimes triggered by an inability to achieve basic needs because of little, poor, or no income will be reduced.

  5. The income from these businesses will increase the tax generated by the state which can be used to develop other sectors.

  6. The income generated will also increase the Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P) of the state which will increase her financial strength thereby making them fit in the eyes of competing states.

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  1. It will increase health and food security as the community will be able to get access to good water and health care.
  2. There will be birth control due to enlightenment.

  3. It will increase formal marriages, reduce teenage pregnancy as well as unsolicited births (births out of wedlock).

  4. It will eliminate or minimize the chances of accidents because when it gets more flooded, these piles might get covered and travelers who are not familiar with that route might end up colliding with these piles.

Moreover, it will assist save politicians budget and expenses because most of the youths will then be independent and self-reliant through entrepreneurship other than struggling to be on one politician’s payroll for survival (They are humans who get tired of Oga do us something, your boy dey hungry, etc.)


(Complete Ayakoromo Bridge)

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