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2023 Presidency: Don’t Allow Tinubu, He Will Enslave Nigerians – Adeyanju To Buhari



Deji Adeyanju

Deji Adeyanju, an Abuja-based rights activist, has called on president Muhammadu Buhari not to allow Bola Tinubu, a former Lagos State governor and an All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential aspirant, to succeed him come 2023.

Speaking with DAILY POST, Adeyanju alleged  that Tinubu is too corrupt to rule Nigeria.

The activist also said if allowed to hold the country highest political office, Tinubu would enslave the whole citizens.

According to him: “The President will play a key role in deciding who APC’s presidential candidate is; I would like to emphasize my appeal to him to put national interest above party interest.


“I would like to say that those suggesting that because Tinubu supported the President in 2015, he should be compensated with the Presidency are just clowns because other people who supported the President like IBB, Obasanjo, Amaechi, Fashola, and others should also be compensated with the Presidency since the destiny of the country is now at the mercy of compensation.

“I disagree with this whole argument that we should place competency above zoning. Are you telling me that there are no competent people from the Southeast zone, that only people from the Southwest are competent?

“I hope the President will use the wisdom he used during the convention to guide the party during the Presidential primaries to have a consensus candidate of Igbo extraction.

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“The truth of the matter is that Tinubu is beyond corrupt, and no politician in this country has the corruption brazenness of Tinubu. You ferry money into your house in broad daylight, and you still have the effrontery to go on national television to say it’s your money. He went to Osun and said he was richer than the State in another instance. What business has he ever done in his life? Has he ever invented anything? He is not Elon Musk, he is not an inventor, he is not a manufacturer, so how can you be richer than a State.

“So, Tinubu is manifestly too corrupt to be President. It will be one of the greatest insults to Buhari’s personality for what he says he stands for, for someone like Tinubu to become the President of Nigeria. If you look at it critically, if someone like Tinubu becomes the President of Nigeria, everyone in Nigeria will become a slave. Look at the kind of politics he is playing in Lagos; whatever he says happens in Lagos; he’s the political God without a presidential power; so imagine giving such a person presidential power.

“Tinubu’s mentality is that the Presidency is for sale, and he will buy it. If you look at the circumstances with which he removed the former governor, you will understand. The only complaint against the former governor was that he wasn’t sharing money; the man worked. Go to Epe, Iyanu Oba, Oshodi, and all those areas, he worked.

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“This new man was brought to share the money. He wants to reopen the Lekki-Epe toll gate so that he can now collect blood money to fund his election. His mentality is that of sharing money and meeting people; imagine what somebody like him would do if he had access to the Central Bank of Nigeria when in power He will loot this country dry.”

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