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2023 Presidency: Prof Chris Imumolen The Unifier Nigeria Needs – MD Eseyin



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A former Special Adviser to Kogi State Government, Chief MD Eseyin has described the foremost presidential aspirant under the Accord Party, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, as a ”unifier and astute leader” that can unite Nigerians if elected as President in the 2023 general elections.

Speaking on behalf of Prof. Christopher Imumolen Campaign Council (PCICC) on Monday, Eseyin said Prof. Imumolen is a great Nigerian youth with astute leadership qualities, viable landmark and immense achievements in both societal and human development in the country and beyond.

According to him, the professor is a young man of many parts and versatile in entrepreneurship, professionalism and has made great impacts globally.

”The visionary youth’s role model has recently declared his intention to contest the Nation’s number one seat in 2023 presidential elections under the platform of Accord party.


”His choice to run under the platform of ACCORD, is because he believes that the party’s ideology, which is ”Oneness, Unity and Togetherness”, is in consonance with his aspirations as tool to achieving development and progress.

In his bid to occupy the highest political office in the nation, he has centred his foremost agenda on National Unity, Security and Integrity.

”This, he considered as the veritable tool most useful to explore the strength in unity”, Eseyin said.

He noted that the presidential aspirant has also identified other areas of concentration such as food security, education, health, agriculture , infrastructure, electrification, character reforms and rebuilding Nigeria brand globally, among others.


He added that the don had also contributed to the development of the country which includes; ”Being the first African to establish three universities in three continents; Africa, South America and North America.

”He raised over 120 millionaires in 2020, and has given over N60,000 to Nigerians educational school scholarships through his various platforms.

”He has constantly engaged in free feeding projects for IDPs and poor communities. The list is almost endless”.

Eseyin who was the immediate past Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Youth Empowerment, Sports and Students Affairs maintained that Nigeria can still work and its challenges surmountable.


”Prof Chris has repeatedly said that all Nigeria needs is unity and a leader who can drive down the necessity and utilize the potential of our great country.

”Oneness as a theory or an ideal concept is as old as mankind itself, but yet human kind has been struggling and battling with it’s acceptance in spite it’s quality and efficiency to spark progress and development.

”When we talk about National Unity or Oneness, we must also realize that the true meaning of oneness lies in the quality of unity and togetherness, its strength and capability to solve our common problems and set us on the path of progress.

”Oneness does not arise through measurable and majoritarian views but only as a quality that comes through recognizing the common humanity in all of us, independent of our gender, caste, class and religion, regardless of our diverse background,” he said.


He stressed that was a country endowed, and rich in both human and mineral resources yet struggling to maximize its great potentials or rather getting less or no results to meet the expected progress as the largest Africans country and champion of Africa due to our refusal to embrace Unity

According to him, as a Nation we have failed to find a common ground to accept and come to terms with unity and oneness.

”There can’t be true growth, freedom, integrity and patriotism If our nation does not unite and bury our various lines of diversities.

”We must accept that the most uniting forces are not our extant laws, constitution, organizations, institutions, roads, religion or infrastructures; but the people and their willingness to unite.


”If we stay formidable and united, we could defeat many vices that have stood as confrontations and challenges to us as a nation because ”Unity is Strength”.

”The progress and growth we need and desire for our dear nation lies in our unity and togetherness.

”This mantra and agenda is what Professor Chris Imumolen, has identified to be the key solution to our challenge of diversities.

”Therefore, Professor Christopher Imumolen, offers himself as unifier to Nigerians to reclaim the potential and dignity of our great country and get it working again.


Professor Chris, however believes that while many factors contributed to the progress and development of a country, oneness and unity remain the most pivotal for national development,” Eseyin said.

Prof Imumolen holds two PhDs in Engineering Research and in Education Management. His passion for knowledge and leadership, has equipped him through several home and international trainings.

He is a fellow of several professional bodies and had many certified qualifications both home and international some which includes;
A certified Onshore Offshore HSE general manager course, A fellow certified project managers course (PMP&primavera), certified sustainable energy professional- carbon trade Rwanda amongst others.

Prof Chris Imumolen who is the Addo of Abaji,-Abuja has authored over 130 academic and non academic books.



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