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FRSC: Motorists on Earphones while driving will face a 6 months jail term



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Motorists driving with earphones risks six months in jail.

According to the Federal Road Safety Corps, it is punishable and illegal to recieve or make calls with Mobile phone while driving whether it is wireless connected earphone gadgets

The FRSC made it known that drivers who receive calls while driving whether on wireless gadgets ranging from EarPods, AirPods will face a six months jail term.


Bisi Kazeem, the FRSC Education Officer in an exclusive interview with Saturday Punch, said driving demands total concentration and Motorists should not endanger their lives and that of others.

He added that according to the National Road Traffic Regulations, 2012, it is illegal to recieve or make calls behind the wheels.

He said;


“It is illegal. Driving entails 100 percent concentration so you cannot be distracted. It is there in the regulation.


“It is clear from the provisions of Reg 166 (1) that it is illegal to make phone calls using EarPods earphones or whatever means.

“It is also clear that phone calls are not restricted to telephone conversation between two or more people.


“Anything that will distract you while driving must be avoided. When we do public enlightenment, we even discourage drivers talking to passengers which could cause distraction.

“The law may not make it an offence but at the same time, it can distract you, even changing your cassette (while driving) can distract you and result in an accident.”



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