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“A Herbalist is not a Witch Doctor, Don’t Denounce Herbalism Over Christianity, Islam” – Reno Omokri



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Popular socialite and former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has asserted that herbalists are not evil.

The regular nuggets giver also advised Africans against denouncing herbalism due to the adoption of Islam and Christianity as religious groups.

Reno in a Facebook post on Wednesday said;

A herbalist is not a witch doctor and there is nothing demonic about herbalism. Even in heaven, herbs are used for healing-Revelations 22:2. Africans should not denounce herbalism because of Islam or Christianity.

There is hardly any disease that herbs cannot cure. Read Genesis 1:29. God created man to eat herbs. Most sickness on Earth occurs because we have shifted from this divine diet, to eat all kinds of food that put pressure on our bodies.


Herbalism restores the divine balance in your body by resetting you to your factory setting. Prophets in Scripture regularly practiced herbalism-2 Kings 4:39. Herbalism is not evil. Embrace it

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