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Actress Jennifer Reveals Why She Left ‘The Johnsons’ TV Series



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Nigerian actress, Seun Osigbesan has opened up about quitting her role as Jennifer in the popular TV series ‘The Johnsons.’

According to her Instagram post, Osigbesan noted that her fans and followers deserve to know why her character was changed in the new series.

The fast-rising actress, however, linked her tough decision to sacrifice making for every progress in life.

She added that she decided to embrace a new page in life.


She said:
“I know you all deserve answers to why my character #jennifer and was changed on #AMthejohnsons

Been seeing your DMs, tags and comments ever since the new season of #thejohnsons started airing, asking why my character was changed and telling me how much you miss me.

Yes, I left, ‘Change is constant, to reach your potential in life, we must learn to give up at any moment all that we are in order to receive what we can become’ ~ John C. Maxwell.

It was an extremely tough decision for me…but there has to be a sacrifice for every progress in life.


Like I said in my previous post, A NEW SEASON is here, Old things have passed away. All things have become NEW, Please embrace THE NEW. My fans are important to me, hence the reason for this post. Thank you all for the love and support, I love you too dearly.”

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