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APC Northern Governors Trojan Gift and Atiku’s PDP Victory: Win Win For The Caliphate



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By Grade-One Clark

The story of the Trojan horse is a narrative of treachery and deceit by Homer in his epic poem Odysseus. It is about a 10 year bitter war fought between Greek and Troy over a woman named Helen.

Helen was born to Zeus and Leda of Sparta. She was so beautiful that she was likened to a dish carved for the gods. Coming of age Helen had so many suitors because of her ravishing looks, but she finally married Menelaus, prince of Sparta. And they had several children.

But then entered a twist that changed the course of history and a violent war that was fought for 10 years. A Prince of Troy named Paris visited Sparta, at first sight fell head over heels for Helen.


Being unable to resist the beauty and allure of Helen, Paris decided to abduct her, but a version of medieval history of 750 BC said both lovers amicably eloped to Troy. Helen’s heartbroken husband Menelaus cried and mourned that his beloved wife be returned to him, but all entreaties fell on deaf ears.

In the rage of his frustrations, Menelaus appealed to his friends and allies, in Sparta and Greece. Agamemnon summoned Odysseus and Achilles, the two greatest warriors of that era to help his friend Menelaus get his beautiful wife back. An Amanda of 1000 war ships were deployed for the siege against Troy.

Several bloody battles were fought on the beaches of Troy, but Paris refused to let Helen go. After a while, Troy soldiers retreated into the fortified city of Troy and locked its gate. Sparta and Greek forces were then left marooned outside the gate.

Knowing no means of getting inside the city of Troy, Odysseus came up with the idea of the Trojan horse. A giant horse built from wood, with a hollowed interior. After its construction at night, it was moved close near the city of Troy, where Odysseus and selected warriors entered inside and locked themselves in. At daybreak the Trojans found it.


A spy of Greece pretending to be abandoned told the Trojans he was accidentally left behind by his people. But actually he was to alert the hiding Greeks in the forest around Troy, if the horse was moved into the city, so they can come out to join the invasion, when the gate is open from inside by Odysseus men.

The Trojans thinking their enemies have left chose to take the majestic wooden horse into their city to celebrate their goddess: Athena. During the celebrations a soothsayer warned the Trojans that she was suspicious of the supposed Greek gift left behind, but no one took her serious.

At night fall, Odysseus and his soldiers, armed to the teeth emerged from the horse and the battle to destroy Troy ensued. Indeed, the overwhelming strength of Odysseus brought down Troy and Paris unfortunately lost his life. Helen having lost her dashing boyfriend, Paris, had no choice but follow Odysseus back to Sparta into the warm embrace of her wailing husband, Menelaus, to resume her conjugal obligation.

The story of the Trojan horse therefore depicts a treacherous gift from an enemy who pretends to mean well for you. Relating this to the northern governors endorsement of a southern presidential candidate for the APC symbolizes more than meets the eyes. It is a Tom and Jerry scenario, a deceit from hell.


As a matter of fact, a complete charade. They had placated the South with a pretentious recommendation of a southern presidential candidate, meanwhile positioning Atiku in the PDP as an APC rival and enemy.

The North has a single interest: remaining in power in perpetuity. The odds won’t be in favour of a southern candidate running against Atiku in the north. It will be an Arewa project to see another Fulani through as president saddling the affairs of Nigeria.

Already, northern youths have called the action of their governors a betrayal of northern interest. The score card for the 2023 presidential election is already determined, the rest is for the speedy passage of time.

There is no borderline demarcation of northern interest, whether in PDP or APC, it is all about Arewa, as established by Ahmadu Bello. When the envisaged outcome is manifest, the shady knights of the caliphate will laugh and pat each other on the back in private, while putting up grave faces in public.


It is a win, win situation for the Fulanis. This is what political scientists call realpolitik. Giving with one hand, and taking back with the other. Scions of the caliphate are all adepts in political engineering.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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