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Avoid Polygamy If You’re Doing This… — Timaya



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Popular Nigerian Singer, Timaya has taken to social media to share his thoughts on polygamy.

The singer said men who want to marry more than one wife should “do it like Ned Nwoko.”

That is, men in this group should check their financial status before doing so.

He said:
If u want to be a polygamist do it like Ned Okonkwo. U can’t be managing and have 2 wife’s.


— Timaya (@timayatimaya) May 15, 2022.”

In another news, Augustine Aluzu on Facebook has revealed why most women don’t welcome polygamy.

Aluzu viewed that women don’t scorn polygamy rather, they don’t want to share their men.

This is because a man is a woman’s source of happiness thus women’s refusal to share.


Also, he pointed out that women hate themselves and this is why they don’t share their happiness( man).

He said:
You’d think women hate polygamy? They don’t. They just don’t want to share the man. Women hate women and will not share what gives them happiness.”

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