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Ayaweisoft To Host 3-days Intensive Online Media Training, Networking Conference



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The management of Ayaweisoft Limited, has announced the hosting of a 3-days Intensive Online Media Training and Networking Conference, which is coming up on the 7th through 10 December 2021.

The management made the announcement via their Official Website, where they called on intending bloggers and those with existing blogs to be part of the Training. Stating that the training will be aimed at enlightening both New and Old bloggers on how to set up and expand their blogs locally and internationally. And to increase the influence of their blogs in the Social Media space.

The management also highlighted that participants in the conference who do not have blogs and want to own one, and those with existing blogs. Will be given the benefit of having their blogs being created and hosted by the Company for free. And will be trained on how to monetize their blogs in order to attract revenue.

Below are the areas of concentration in the Training;

  1. Assistance in setting up a blog for intending ( New ) bloggers
  2. Networking & Collaboration

  3. Extensive Training on how to grow blogs and to expand blog’s reach locally and internationally

  4. Mentorship on how to sustain blogs relevance in the Social Media Space.

  5. How to monetize blogs through Google AdSense to earn money

  6. ICT and Technical Suport

Therefore, those interested in the Training are advised to click on the link above and fill the form. In order to be part of this golden opportunity.

Use the link below to register for the training.

Register here.

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