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Bandits Can Take Over Nigerian Government – Bamgbose



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National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, Olusegun Bamgbose has called on Nigerian government to root out bandits terorrising the country before they take over government.

He said if government fails to do the right thing over insecurity bedeviling the country, what happened in Afghanistan may also play out in Nigeria.

Taliban recently took over Kabul after 20 years of armed struggle and will henceforth control the country.


Bamgbose told Daily Post “The truth is that bandits in Nigeria, could as well achieve the same feat in Nigeria,”

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“This may seem laughable and unbelievable but it can happen in Nigeria. It is on record that bandits are occupying some local governments in Nigeria. This means with time they can take over a State in Nigeria.


“In essence, the Federal Government should urgently deal decisively with the bandits before they will destroy Nigeria. The Taliban take over could equally motivate the bandits to one-day attempt to take over Aso Rock.

“This is not a false alarm, but a timely warning. Most of the bandits may not be Nigerians and one should not doubt the possibility of them being sponsored by some foreign countries.

“Taliban were being sponsored. The best thing to do in the circumstances will be to root out the bandits before they will turn out to be another Taliban in Nigeria. To be forewarned is to be before armed.”


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