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Bandits Kill Two, Levy N10,000 on Gold Site Operators in Katsina



Governor aminu

Bandits have demanded N10,000 from operators at a gold processing plant in Katsina State’s Jibia Local Government Area for the site’s continued operation.

The location is in the Bakin Korama community in the council’s border town of Magama Jibia.

Residents revealed that the site, which opened about two weeks ago, was home to no less than 70 small-scale gold processing centers.

The bandits imposed the levy on the operators after invading the site on Thursday night and killing two of them, it was learned.


The attack began around 8 p.m. and lasted two hours, according to residents.

Five other operators were reportedly injured in the attack, and the gunmen allegedly kidnapped 11 workers from the site.

Tasi’u Abdullahi, the Chairman of Katsina Minerals Processors, confirmed the incident.

He revealed that the bandits later released one of the kidnapped operators and directed him to deliver a letter informing them of the imposition of the levy.


“On Thursday, around 8.10 p.m., bandits launched an attack,” Abdullahi said in Hausa. They arrived via a nearby river.

“When they arrived, they began collecting money from the people after a boy announced their arrival by shouting “bandits, bandits.” They killed two of our people, injured five more, and kidnapped eleven more.

“I later received word from a nearby village chief that one of the kidnapped victims was eventually delivered by the bandits with a handwritten letter stating that the hoodlums’ attack was only the beginning.” They are, however, seeking our cooperation by requiring that we always adhere to their policy.

“The processing centers are required by policy to contribute N10,000. They also revealed that they currently have 11 people in custody.”


The incident was confirmed by the Katsina State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Gambo Isah, who added that an investigation was underway.

“Yes, the bandits attacked the processing site, killing two people and injuring others who were later taken to the hospital for treatment,” he said. We have already started an investigation into the real motives of the bandits.”

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