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BBNaija S6: Nini, Cross Fight Over Bathroom Cleaning



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BBNaija Season six housemates, Nini and Cross, on Wednesday the 53 day of the show got into an argument over cleaning of the bathroom.

Cross had approached Nini, who was cleaning the bathroom and told her that he wanted to have his bath which didnt go down well with her as she has to wait for everyone to bath before ahe continues with her cleaning.

Nini insisted that he wait for her to get through before he proceeds, her reasons being that she will be done with the cleaning in minutes while while Cross on the other hand insisted that the proper thing to do, was to wait till the housemates were done using the bathroom in the morning before cleaning it.

In response, Nini said, “Since last week that is how everybody has been doing it, they wash the bathroom and people shower. What do you want me to do? When hot water is no longer available is that when I will shower and wash the bathroom?”


“If everyone else put their hand in fire will you now put your hand in fire? You said that is what everybody has been doing, if people are doing bad things you want to do it too?” Cross replied after walking away.

Nini clapping at Cross asked why he did not attack the other housemates who had in the past week cleaned the bathroom before other housemates had their bath.

This lead into an explosive argument when Cross asked Nini if she was stupid. Finally loosing her cool, Nini responded by raining insults on Cross.

“Why are you asking me if I’m stupid? You’re the dumbest person in this house. We all know who the stupid person in this house is, it is you Cross,” Nini clapped back.


Other housemates resorted to physically restraining the two to ensure the fight did not get physical.

Saga, who was instructed by Biggie on Tuesday to distance himself from his love interest, Nini, as a prank, had to break character to calm her down.

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