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BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes: Weekend Buzz



BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes

Cross- I first handled a gun at 15

Cross, one of the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Edition housemates, revealed that he was 15 years old when he first handled a gun. He told Peace on Saturday that his anger issues made him want to get a gun then.

He told the story of how his father’s dismal family members started coming to his family house. They weren’t comforters but confusers. They came to confuse his mother; he was always angry after each visit.


One day when his mum was not around, people came into the house as usual. But they were unfortunate to meet the anger-ridden Cross. He went upstairs to his father’s room, saw a shotgun, picked it up, and cocked it.

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He proceeds down and ordered everybody out. These people were uncles, aunties of ages of 40-60. He said he was ready to shoot because his mind was still unstable from his father’s death.


Cross said his experiences in the past made him very protective of himself in the house. He said he is trying to subdue the anger within him by being friendly and carefree.

Saskay- “I am not comfortable around Cross…”

On Friday, Saskay told Cross during a discussion that she feels uncomfortable around him because of his ‘bad boy’ energy. She said Cross is a sex enthusiast; it is the opposite of her energy. Cross said that he gets the bad girl energy from her and made her explain.


Saskay said the energy is of being able to do whatever she wants to do. That what she considered bad girl energy, has nothing to do with sexual innuendos. She said she is not a sexual person in public. It makes her feel uncomfortable around people that are so comfortable talking or being all sexual around everybody. Cross’s response to this was that he is comfortable with his sexuality. He even said it is only 30-40% he shares in public while the remaining 60-70% is for his woman.

Is Saskay right to fear Cross?

When the house was in a party frenzy, Cross overstepped his boundary with Saskay. She was dancing with Liquorose while Cross was behind them. While dancing, Saskay jokingly said Ice Prince whose music was being played is her baby daddy. At that moment, Cross tapped her lightly on her behind.


Trust not to waste a beat as she spun swiftly and went physical. She demanded to know what right Cross had to touch her in that manner. She revealed that she had given someone a black eye for doing the same thing Cross did. She left him with a warning that he should never try such with her ever. Cross maintained the goofy smile then he apologized.


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