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Benue People Drink Beer From 9am Yet Insult me For Not Helping Them – Ortom



Ortom To Sue Akume Over ‘False Allegations | Daily Report Nigeria
Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, has accused his critics of “drinking beer from 9am” and sleeping all day.

According to New Telegraph, Ortom made the statement on Friday when commissioning the new building of RCN Embassy Church in Makurdi, Benue state capital.

He was quoted as saying: “If you go round Makurdi town, our people start drinking beer from 9 am and some from there, they will go to sleep, and they come back and insult the governor for not helping them to add value to their lives,”

“Every new building that you see in Benue State, they say that it’s Samuel Ortom that is building, he is stealing and doing that.

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“In politics, people say a lot of things: blackmail, insults and intimidation, you face all sorts of things no matter what you do with the people, they always find something around.

“In 2017, I concluded that I will never contest the second term as allowed by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and because of the insults I received from Benue people and how I was vilified, even some members of the church joined forces with those who do not know God.


“I was pained in my heart and I said God, you brought me and I said I was not going to contest in the 2019 election and that night, God rebuked me and told me I am not done with you. “I brought you, I have not rejected you when people reject you, I am still with you.

“I fasted for three months, I did a case study on the life of Moses in the book of Exodus in the Bible and at the end, God told me, don’t be like Moses who could not get to the promised land, have faith in me and I will see you to the end.”


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