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Breaking: Facebook bans Taliban



Facebook bans Taliban
Facebook bans Taliban related content

Facebook has imposed a ban on the Taliban and all content related to the group’s activities from all its platforms.

The ban became pertinent after Taliban soldiers overran Kabul, the Afghanistan Capital on Sunday, leading many Afghans to flee the terrorized country.

American-backed President, Ashraf Ghani was the first to flee the country following the Taliban take over.


A Facebook spokesperson who spoke with BBC declared the Taliban has been banned under its “Dangerous Organisation policies.”

The ban applies to all Facebook-owned platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

“The Taliban is sanctioned as a terrorist organization under US law and we have banned them from our services under our Dangerous Organization policies,” saying the ban will ensure the removal of “..accounts maintained by or on behalf of the Taliban and prohibit praise, support, and representation of them.”

“We also have a dedicated team of Afghanistan experts, who are native Dari and Pashto speakers and have knowledge of local context, helping to identify and alert us to emerging issues on the platform,” they added.


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Adam Mosseri, the head of Facebook’s photo and video sharing app, Instagram while speaking with Bloomberg, explained that the company was relying on the Dangerous Organisations Policies “…to proactively take down anything that we can that might be dangerous or that is related to the Taliban in general.”

“Now this situation is evolving rapidly, and with it I’m sure the risk will evolve as well. We are going to have to modify what we do and how we do it to respond to those changing risks as they happen.” He continued.

The Taliban has a track record of repressing human rights, a situation that has raised concerns all over the world following its takeover of the Afghanistan government.


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