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‘Buhari is Not Our Problem in This Country,’ Student Whose Cooking Noodles Was Stolen Says



Student in shock after the noodles she was cooking in her hostel was stolen from the burner

A Nigerian student of a-yet-to-be identified higher institution has opined that President Muhammadu Buhari is not the problem of the country.

The female student simply identified as Tifemi on social media was left in shock after unknown persons stool her cooking Indomie noodles outside her room.

According to Tifemi, she decided to cook outside her room for the first time in two years in a bid to avoid the room being heated up.

As it turned out, an unknown student in the same hostel scooped her cooking noodles from the pot from right on top of the cooking gas burner.

She had gone into her room to keep the pepper and oil used in cooking the noodles briefly, only to be greeted with an empty pot on her return.

Tifemi explained her ordeal by tweeting: “So for the first time in my two years in this hostel, I said I should cook outside my room cause of heat. I entered the room to just return d pepper and oil and before I came back, my noodles is gone… Buhari is actually not our problem in this country. We’d see in d morning.”

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