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Buhari’s Visit To South-East Will Clear Lies That He is Jubril – Orji Kalu



Buhari’s Visit To South-East Will Clear Lies That He is Jubril - Orji Kalu | Daily Report Nigeria
Chief whip of the senate, Orji Kalu says President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Imo State put to rest the rumour that he was dead and had been cloned.

Buhari had visited Imo State on September 9, where he inaugurated some projects and met with Southeast leaders.

In 2017, President Buhari spent 150 days in the UK treating an undisclosed ailment while the presidency failed to disclose his health status. This led to rumours that the president had died and had been replaced by one Jubril from Sudan.

Speaking on Sunday, the chief whip commended Buhari for his recent visit to the south-east, saying the visit will calm agitations in the region.

He said: “I want to congratulate President Buhari for going to the south-east, he needs more of those visits,”


“Whether the visit is bitter, happiness or anything, it is a commendable initiative, and I commend him.

“He has gone to Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri and should continue to be going around as those are part of the things a president needs to calm the system down. So, I commend him for making that trip, and he should not regret embarking on the trip.


“It was a very good one in my observation, and he should put more time to go to the other parts of the country so that people can see him and know that he is Buhari.


“This is because a lot of lies have been told that it is not Buhari living in the villa.

“I have fought so many wars in my village, people will come from far and near, and they tell me it is not Buhari, and I will say listen, I just had tea with this man last night.

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“And it is the same man I know for 32 years, so it is good for the president to make this kind of visit. I encourage him, let him not relent and let nobody make him feel he wasn’t in the right direction.

“So I commend him, and we are still waiting for him to come to Abia.”

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