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Buratai, Malami Behind Igboho’s Detention in Benin Republic – Yoruba Nation agitators



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Buratai, Malami Behind Igboho’s Detention

Yoruba Nation agitators under the umbrella of Yoruba Koya Liberation Movement have pointed accusing fingers at the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami; and a former Chief of Army Staff and Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic, Tukur Buratai, as cause of the detention of Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho in Cotonou.

Recall that Sunday Igboho, who is also a Yoruba rights activist, was arrested last week alongside his wife in an airport in Benin Republic.

He is currently facing various charges fresh leveled against him by the Benin Republic government.


The Yoruba Self-Determination Group further told President Muhammad Buhari and other officers of the Nigerian Government to “desist from oppressing humanity or face a disastrous end”.

The group in a statement signed by it’s Director of Media and Communications, Oluwafemi Oluwajuyitan, urged Buhari and other Nigerian leaders “putting political pressure on Benin Republic to jail Ighoho to remember that nothing lasts forever”.

“Events unfolding in recent times has made it imperative to remind those who currently wield power to tread softly and remember that everything with a start will surely have an end.


“Recent events only remind one that in the face of suppression of truth and oppression of the masses, the oppressors have always consistently lost at the end.

“One cannot help but remember the brutish rule and reign of the dark-goggled General Abacha and how he ruled with iron fist. We remember how individuals who stood for the truth and the declaration of June 12 election were hounded by state-sponsored hitmen. We remember how the dictator ended in ignominy.


“The present administration, being a democratically elected government, has surpassed previous military juntas in the bare-knuckled use of brute force to silence every voice of dissent.


“More worrisome is the rate of nepotism and a barely veiled attempt to the lord an ethnic group over others. The dual law being applied by the state is also a cause for concern as Bandits, terrorists, and kidnappers in certain parts of the country are treated to sumptuous dinners with state actors while agitators for self-determination of their people are hounded and treated as common criminals.

“The Gestapo invasion of Chief Sunday Igboho’s house, the killing and abduction of his associates and his eventual arrests in Benin Republic at the request of this government are testaments of this government’s effort at ensuring that their lawlessness remains unchecked.

“We, as a Yoruba self-determination group, sees it’s time that this government and its actors of impunity are reminded that nothing lasts forever. Nigerians are in the countdown to the end of this administration even as calls are made to the International Criminal Court to keep the dossier of reports sent to them as they will become useful in no distant future,” the statement added.


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