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Catholic Priest Commits Suicide in a Lodging




The death of a catholic priest who’s body was found in a local lodging at Kilala Market, Makueni, Kenya is been investigated by the Police officers in Makueni County.

It was learnt that Father Stephen Kyalo who was serving in Kako area in Makueni Parish, reportedly booked a room at the lodging around 8:00 am on Sunday January 23, and ordered whiskey worth ksh1,600.

The police report reads;

“At around 0800hrs, they received a client who needed a room and was booked after paying ksh1,000.”


After he had placed the order and was serve, he remained in the room the whole of the day and didn’t order any other thing which prompted the attendants to check on him at about 8:00 pm.

After a continuous knock on his room without any response, they called on the police to help break the door and shen they did, he was found dead.

The priest is said to have committed suicide.

Makueni Sub County Police Commander Timothy Maina who confirmed the incident, said they recovered a poisonous substance that the priest reportedly swallowed.


Maina said;

“It is believed that he ingested a poisonous substance while in the room. We recovered some remains of the substance and a Red Label Whiskey bottle.”

The motive behind his decision remains unclear. The body has since been moved to Makueni Hospital Morgue awaiting postmortem as further investigations commence.

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