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‘Christianity Does Not Define Jesus Christ’ — Ex-Cleric Argues




Ex-Evangelical Pastor, Jim Palmer has stated that Jesus was not a Christian and also not the founder of Christianity.

Palmer is an author, activist, speaker, spiritual director, professor, and Chaplain with the American Humanist Association.

In his book titled; ‘Inner Anarchy‘ he argued that the Christian Religion has twisted the true life and message of Jesus Christ.

Christianity is a religion created in the name of Jesus, and is much different from the actual truth that Jesus taught and lived.


Were Jesus alive today, he would not be a Christian. Jesus is still one of best-kept secrets because his truth has been grossly distorted by those who claim to speak for him. There is a religion-free Jesus who belongs to all of humankind. Christianity does not own or have first rights to Jesus. His truth has universal significance.

It’s a mistake to make Jesus a religious figure or front man for Christianity. You have to disentangle Jesus from what you heard at church to find the truth he said would set you free,” he said.

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