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Deborah: ‘Make Inter-Religious Studies Mandatory To Avoid Conflict’— Reno Omokri




Reno Omokri, a human rights activist opined that Nigeria would be safer if inter-religious studies become compulsory in the educational system.

Omokri viewed that the Islamic students should have knowledge about Christianity and also, the Christian students should have an insight about the Islamic religion.

This, according to him will not change a child’s original religion but, it would stop both children from offending each other and lessen hatred.

He said:
Although I have said it before, but I will say it again:


Nigeria will be a much safer and more stable place if Christian students compulsorily study Islamic Religious Knowledge, while Muslim students mandatorily study Christian Religious Knowledge.

As long as we do not understand each other, we will offend each other. Your Muslim child will not become a Christian because he learns about Christianity in school and vice versa. However, it will enable him or her relate better with other Nigerians.

Better relations between North and South and amongst various Nigerians will result in less conflicts. Knowing your neighbour well usually leads to more love in the neighbourhood and less hate in the community. My two cents.”

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