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Deborah: Nigeria Not Ruled By Sharia Law – Femi Branch



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Nollywood actor, Femi Branch has condemned the killing of Deborah Samuel,  saying this ‘barbaric act’ must be treated as a criminal case since Nigeria is not ruled by Sharia law.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to treat the case as a criminal case.

DAILY REPORT NG reported that Deborah was burnt to death by a mob for blasphemy in Sokoto State.

Reacting, Femi Branch in a post said: “Do we have a Government at all! Is anyone or any religion above the Nigerian Constitution?! The killing of this lady Deborah in Sokoto is criminal and should be treated as such!


“This country is not ruled by Sharia Law and so this kind of backwards barbarism should not be condoned or encouraged!

“For people who lack understanding about true Islam, please read the sayings (hadith) and descriptions of the ways (sunna) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for more clarity!

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“These killers who claim to be defending Islam and the Holy Prophet yet do not follow his teachings. Sad. Nigeria Police we await Justice for Deborah!”


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