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Delta 2023: Appointed Time For an Ijaw Governor



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By Jackson Agbor

The appointed time for Ijaw ethnic nationality to produce the next Governor of Delta State 2023.

The political rotational formula has made glaring for all Deltans to contest the governorship poll 2023 and Ijaw ethnic nationality must be considered to produce the next Governor of the state for the purpose of equity and fairness.

Posterity will always attest for the sincerity of the Ijaw ethnic nationality for the past 22 years, for building strong momentum and not betraying the People’s Democratic Party and stands faithful to ensure victories in every electioneering process.


It is significant to note that the Ijaw ethnic nationality produces the highest production of oil and gas in Delta state and by that premise, the Ijaws should be given fair treatment to get the governorship seat in 2023.

Today, Nigeria is the largest production of oil and gas in the whole of Africa and 75 percent of it is taken out from Ijaw oil bearing communities across the country, which also applies to Ijaw oil producing communities in Delta State.

It is a clarion call for all Deltans to throw their weight behind an Ijaw Governorship candidate for 2023 to correct the political imbalances ans for an Ijaw man to seat in Osadebe House.

The leadership of PDP must take into cognizance for an Ijaw ethnic nationality to produce the next Governor 2023, for the giant efforts they have made and for consistently building the party ranges from all ward level, local government, state and the federal level, and for giving block votes in every electioneering period.


Support Ijaw Governorship candidate for a better Delta 2023.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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