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Delta 2023: ‘Ijaws Should Produce Next Governor’ – Anioma PDP Chieftain



2023: ‘Urhobos Never Believed in Power Rotation; Ijaws Should Produce Next Governor’ – Anioma PDP Chieftain
…Say Urhobos have ruled Delta state for 18years
…Say Uduaghan also represented Delta Central.

A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta North Senatorial District and Publisher of Daily News Analysis of Nigeria (DNA), Chief Alex Okunbor has broken his silence over the current political front burner in the state, the power shift debate.

The Delta North high chief urged men of clear conscience and integrity from the district to voice out their views on the contentious power-shift debates ongoing in the state, stating that there was never Power-shift both written or unwritten in Delta State, neither in PDP nor in the minds of the power shift agitators from Delta Central senatorial district.

He maintained that Delta Central never believed in power-shift, adding that the incumbent Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa won the 2015 elections (PDP primary and governorship election) because he has the best credentials.


The Anioma born political and good governance advocate stated this on Sunday, July 26, during a media chat at his Boji Boji residence.

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His words, “there has been an unusual silence among Anioma politicians on the vexed issue of power-shift in the state come 2023, especially, within the ruling party in Delta north. My guess is that people are waiting for the governor and the leadership of the party to signal the direction, while I believe this is in order.


I, however, believe it is necessary Aniomas to join the debate now because the governor and the party leadership will eventually respond to the popular agitation of the people. As a people, we should be courageous to voice our opinions based on what we know as truth and fair.

I see the silence of the Anioma people so disturbing, sometimes I begin to wonder whether we do not realised that we are major stakeholders in the political affairs of the state.

I am perplexed that some political elements in Delta Central Senatorial District of the state, who never believed in power-shift are currently spearheading the crusade for 2023 Powershift.


As an online publisher who was in the know of all the intrigues leading to elections in Delta State, particularly the 2015 governorship election. I found it quite irritating to read the daily agitation for power-shift to Delta Central, I see the activities of DC23 as selfish, self-centered and unpatriotic.

This is the reason, I decided to issue this press statement.

Actually, I am very annoyed because the majority of the members of DC23, who are making these unnecessary noises, never believed in the power rotation.
Recent history shows that Delta Central has contested every election conducted in Delta State since the onset of the current dispensation.


Delta Central has always presented candidates for governorship elections since 1999, both in PDP and other political parties.

So, who are they now preaching power rotation to?
The district has ruled Delta State for approximately 18 solid years from Felix Ibru, 2 years, James Ibori 8 years, and Uduaghan (maternally Delta Central) 8 years, so, why all these Vuvuzelas about power rotation?’, Chief Okunbor queried.

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Continuing, Okunbor, the 2023 House of Representatives aspirant said, ” I believe in equity and fair play and for equity and fair play to reign in Delta State, power should go to the Ijaws in Delta South who were shortchanged in 2007.

Those who are saying that Delta South has had their turn are being economical with the truth, Delta South never had the opportunity to choose their candidate in 2007, rather Uduaghan, who is partly Delta Central, was imposed on Delta South by Ibori when his efforts to impose his godson from Delta Central aspirant was met with stiff resistance from Delta North and Delta South.’

‘Of course, if Delta South was given a free hand to produce a governorship aspirant of their choice in 2007, it could not have been Uduaghan, the Ijaws, who were in majority in Delta South could have had their way.


The truth, was that under immense pressure, Ibori was forced to drop his support for his David Edevbie for his cousin Emmanuel Uduaghan, this glaring fact was attested to by Sen. Peter Nwaoboshi recently.’
It is dubious and most infuriating for DC23 and UPU to refer Uduaghan emergent as a testimony of Powershift to Delta South.

Uduaghan is Urhobo, because in our Anioma parlance, we say, “Ebonai mu ogwor.” Literary meaning, a child belong to both his father and mother. A child does not belong to the father alone. It takes two to litter and child.


Evidence on ground shows that Uduaghan’s policies and programmes were bias in favour of Delta Central.’ Chief Okunbor stated.


He added, ‘I am curious about the silence of my people on power-shift, and more curious about the activities of DC23 and UPU.

People like Edevie and Gbagi who contested 2015 PDP primary should not be in vying for governorship election in the name of power-shift.’”

Speaking on his interest and what he thinks is best for Delta north, the political analyst said, ‘I believe in equity and fair play and I will support the Ijaws of Delta South because; firstly, they were shortchanged in 2007, secondly, they are a dependable ally of Delta North.


The fact is that Delta North was able to achieve the Anioma agenda due partly to the political dexterity of Governor Okowa who won the 2015 election because he is the best candidate with intimidating and unmatched credentials and also because of the goodwill of Delta South.

Truly some PDP members in Delta Central cash in at the last moment, pretending to support power shift.
As the saying goes, one good turn deserves another, Delta South deserves the support of Anioma people. They have demonstrated their commitment to power rotation and have proved to be dependable and reliable allies of Delta North.

Delta Central on the other had voted opposition since 1999, even after the elections, they have financed the losers’ court cases.


Great Ogboru has contested all the elections in the state since 2003 and he has gone to Court, even to Supreme Court in all the cases. We have proof that that the present power-shift agitators from Delta Central, particularly some of the current leadership of DC23, financed Ogboru’s elections in 2015 and 2019, and his subsequent Court cases.

If they believed in power shift as being preached, they should not have been involved in some of these nocturnal anti-party activities. UPU finds it unnecessary to prevail on Ogboru to stop his needles but protracted court cases.

David Edevbie was the second runners up in the 2015 PDP Delta State primary, Ogboru won majority votes in Delta Central, if Edevbie or Ogboru had won the 2015 elections would there be power shift talk now?


It baffles me to see those who never believed in power shift, now agitating for it. Powershift does not exist in the political psychic of Delta Central people. I fought for a power shift to Delta North.

No politician in Delta State does not know my media exploit in 2015 and I knew what we the Aniomas went through and I am grateful for the support of Delta South, I will stop at nothing to speak the truth and the truth is; Delta Central does not believe in power shift, neither in PDP nor in APC, the district wants governance to remain in their hands.

Delta Central has been voting for the opposition since 1999; Ogboru won majority votes in Delta Central in 2007, 2011 runoff and 2011 general elections, Ogboru nearly won the district in 2015 and was sponsored to the supreme court after the 2007, 2011, 2015, and 2019 elections. If the central believed in power rotation, they should at least stopped Ogboru from going to Court.


Let the leadership of PDP in Delta North and Delta South understand that come 2023, Delta Central will cast their votes for APC so long the party field the current frontrunner, whether PDP pick its candidate from the zone or not.

This is the whole truth, they have done it before and they will do it again and again.

Another truth is that elements of PDP in Delta Central rely on votes from Delta North and South to remain relevant in politics, left alone, they lost woefully to the opposition in important elections, in the district.


Those who cannot win elections in their district should not be preaching powershift to us.’ Chief Alex stated.

Concluding the media chat, the media guru advised aspirants from Ijaw nation to focus their campaigns on Delta North, saying that Delta Central cannot be trusted.

As he puts it, ‘I want to advise aspirants from Ijaw Nation to focus their campaigns on Delta North, they should not rely on UPU because the body has over the years proven to be reliable only to its primordial interests.”


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