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Delta 2023: Ijaws Will No Longer Play Second Fiddle – INC



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The Ijaw National Congress INC has said Ijaws will no longer play second fiddle to other ethnicities in the governance of the State.

INC President, Prof. Benjamin Okaba stated this on Monday, when the apex Ijaw group played host to the frontline 2023 governorship candidate and Deputy Governor of Delta State, Kingsley Otuaro, in Warri.

According to Okaba, Ijaws have the best hands to govern the state, hence, will not continue to queue behind other ethnicities to give them support.

He called on other sister ethnic nationalities to support the Ijaws the same way they have enjoyed the support of the Ijaws in previous years.


Okaba buttressed that the Ijaw National Congress, Ijaw Youths Council and other splinter groups will continue to give Ijaw aspirants the needed support to win the governorship.

“We’ll no longer play second fiddle. Talk about people with the needed knowledge, intelligence and wherewithal to lead the people of Delta State, Ijaws have them in abundance.

“They are not better and will not do better than any Ijaw son that will emerge as governor. Come what may, Ijaws are on course and nothing will stop us from achieving this course. There will be no betrayal of interest,” Okaba said.

The Sociologist said the INC was interfacing with other ethnic nationalities and critical stakeholders in a bid to get their support for the Ijaw governorship.


On the issue of endorsements spearheaded by Chief Michael Loboyibo, who is an Ijaw, Okaba said such endorsements were inconsequential and should not be taken seriously.

“We will stand, swim and fall with an Ijaw son,” he added.

On his part, the Deputy Governor aligned himself with the INC president, saying aspirants from other ethnicities were not better than those from the Ijaw extraction.

Otuaro, who recently rolled out his manifesto of “Better Deal” for Deltans, said he was committed to the race and will stay strong to the end.


He commended the efforts of the INC and IYC, for giving him and his co-Ijaw governorship aspirants the needed support in this course.

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