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Drug Abuse: Lagos Lawmakers set to combat the menace




The Lagos State House of Assembly lawmakers has raised the alarm on the canker destroying the growth and development of the Nation. Drug abuse in the country is one cause of low productivity which leads to stagnancy. They said if the continuous abuse of the drug is not kept in check, it would amount to an uncontrollable stage, without any positive effects.

It was discussed at the seventh yearly constituency stakeholders’ meeting, an annual meeting held simultaneously in all the 40 constituencies of the state. This year’s theme was tagged: “Increasing wave of drug abuse: A threat to nation-building.”



 “No to drug abuse and drug trafficking”


Oshun Olanrewaju, representing the  Lagos Mainland Constituency II, employs every citizen of the country working across various branches regardless of their ethnicity and religious view, should take a stand for the common good of the society by agreeing to say  ‘No to drug abuse and drug trafficking.’


He explained that the welfare of the youths should be prioritized, adding that the youth are the future of the country. The lawmaker said that only when the youth is given a priority that a generation that can build the state and the nation through positive contributions in sports, politics, education, arts, science, technology, and innovations; can be bred. Without promising youth, there could never be any meaningful development in the state and the country.


How has been the reactions

Martin Akpaka, a lawyer from the Centre for Corrections and Human Development, encouraged private organizations to contribute to the fight against drug abuse. In addition, he mentioned that education on drug abuse, one of the means to eradicate it, should start from primary and secondary schools.


It will enable the youths to understand the effect of drug abuse early. Mohammed Jubril, a member of the Assembly representing Ikeja I Constituency, said in his keynote speech that drug abuse in society had always been a major concern. The leadership and members of the House had always discussed how they could combat the menace.

The Deputy Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Wasiu Eshilokun Sanni, shared his grievances, appealing to parents to support the government’s war against drug abuse. They can try to prevent their children or wards from indulging in vices that may cause a stray on their path to achieving success.



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