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Employer Sends Home Three Of His Workers For Arriving Late To Work



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A man on Twitter has been dragged for being inconsiderate after he laid off three of his employees for arriving late to work due to heavy rainfall in Lagos.

This comes after a user identified as @humblecute penned on the micro-blogging platform that he sent his three workers home for being over an hour late to work.

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He viewed that a heavy downpour is not a strong enough reason for them to come late to work as his company has a strong policy on punctuality.

He said:
I sent 3 of my workers back home today..their excuse was ‘Rainfall’ I didn’t listen to them coz that wasn’t enough excuse for me + they already know the rules of the company.


They were 1hr 15 minutes late.. our company has a strict policy on Punctuality.”

However, some netizens
labelled him a hypocrite as they dug up an old tweet he made in 2016 where he said he wasn’t going to resume early for work because of rain.

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Others advised him to get a staff bus to be conveying his employees to work daily to prevent lateness.

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