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‘FEM’ Almost Landed Me In Trouble With A Government Official – Davido



‘FEM’ Almost Landed Me In Trouble With A Government Official – Davido | Daily Report Nigeria

Nigerian singer, Davido has narrated how his hit single ‘FEM’, almost got him into trouble with a government official during the infamous #ENDSARS protest.

FEM’, which means shut up, had become a theme song for demonstrators to shun people and groups with opposing remarks during the protest period.

In an interview with French magazine L’officiel, OBO said, though became influential during the protest period, it was dropped two weeks earlier.


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Davido revealed that the single gained infamous attention when a random person played the track at a rally to interrupt a government official that was addressing the protesters.

“It’s crazy because we didn’t record that record. #EndSARS hadn’t even started yet. We dropped that record two weeks before,” he said.


“The record’s already gone, it was huge already. Then there was a little rally where this government official was speaking to the people and then somebody played the song.

“They played the song, everybody’s singing. He’s trying to talk, but everybody is singing the song instead. Then somebody got the video and it just went crazy. From there, it became the anthem of the whole– I almost got in trouble. I was like, ‘Yo, I did record that song, but’ It was nice to see them use a song of mine to be instrumental in how they felt.”

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