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“FG should apologize to Igboho and stop treating him like a criminal” – Wole Soyinka



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Award winning Nigerian playwright and author, Wole Soyinka, has asked the federal government of Nigeria to apologize to Sunday Igboho, after the DSS raided his home.

It’s no longer news that Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho has been an agitating for the actualization of a sovereign Yoruba Nation.

His house was raided by the Department of State Service on July 1 2021, with two of his associates killed in the raid.


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Wole Soyinka has now asked the Federal Government of Nigeria to apologize to Sunday Igboho after officials of the Department of State Services invaded his home.

In an interview with BBC pidgin on Monday, July 5, Wole Soyinka said the government’s actions and rationale for invading Igboho’s home “stinks.”


He said: “My advise to the government is that they should stop pursuing Igboho as a criminal, because you have begun by acting in a criminal fashion against him.

“If and when Igboho comes to trial, I guarantee you the government will be very embarrassed.

“I think they should tell Igboho ‘we made a mistake’, ‘we should not have acted in this way’, ‘you are no longer wanted’, ‘go back to your home’. In fact, escort him to his home and let him resume his normal life.”

Soyinka said Igboho’s fight for freedom was caused by criminal acts of enemies of Nigeria who “appear to be supported by the force of the State.”


While Soyinka added that he doesn’t “like the sound of a Yoruba Nation” any more than he likes the sound of a Tiv or Igbo nation, but he said the country must be restructured through the decentralisation of power.

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