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Fulani Are Major Victims of Kidnapping — Bagudu



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Governor Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi, has claimed Fulanis are the major victims of kidnapping and cattle rustling in the country but people don’t listen to their own side of the story.

Fulani herdsmen have severally been accused of being behind killings, kidnapping and destruction of farms in the country, an allegations they have denied.

Speaking during an interview with Channels Television on Thursday, the Kebbi governor said most Nigerians do not hear the side of the Fulanis, before accusing them of violent crimes, adding that many Fulani people are decent and peaceful residents who just want to make a living.

He said “I have met with many Fulani communities in my state, who explained that they are also victims. They are the first victims of kidnapping and castle rustling,”


“It is easier for a drunk child, someone who is abusing drugs, to go to the community where there is no road, no police, no infrastructure to kidnap his cousin or sister and demand for cattle to be sold, for him to be given money.


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“They are the major victims of kidnapping and then the wider kidnapping that is conducted by other Fulanis and non-Fulanis, who have come to form criminal gangs.


“Equally, cattle rustling is an activity that is against people who move cattle or who own cattle. A lot of Fulani are naturally victims and they are pauperised by it.

“We don’t even hear their stories. We don’t hear their side. We just think they are complicit. They are not. Majority of them are peaceful and decent people, seeking to make a living.”

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