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Funke Akindele Reveals Why She Hides Her Children’s Faces



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Funke Akindele, a Nollywood actress, has explained why she keeps her children’s faces hidden.

In an interview with blogger Jide Okonjo, the mother of two revealed this.

According to the actress, she and her husband are already well-known hence, she does not want her children to be as well since they are still very young.

She said:
When they are old enough, they should show their faces if they want to. But for now, I don’t want them to show their faces. I want them to have their lives and enjoy it.


Their dad and I are already in the public eye. They are children, don’t forget. They are vulnerable so you have to just keep them away, keep them safe. Let them go to school, let them enjoy their lives without Ah! that’s Jenifa’s son. That’s JJC’s son. Ah see his leg, see his face Leave them private!”

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