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‘Give Youths a Chance,’ Shagari Tells Politicians



Shagari’s grandson urges old politicians to support youths

A grandson of Nigeria’s former President, Bello Shagaro has beckoned on politicians in the country to give a chance for youths to thrive in the political space.

Shagari, A chairmanship aspirant in the forthcoming Abuja Municipal Area Council on the platform of the All Progresives Congress, is a former President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria.

Speaking to news men in Abuja on Thursday, Shagari stated that backed by the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ law, youths are now better prepared and equipped to handle leadership positions.

He said, “The bill signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari has opened up the political space and truly paved the way for young Nigerians to test the waters of partisan politics

“Under this administration, we are beginning to see the involvement of young people in governance with the likes of Ahmad Bashir, Ismail Ahmed, and more recently the appointment of a youthful EFCC chairman, Abdullahi Bawa.

“So, I think we have started to forge the path for youth takeover in this country and my aspiration also is that another opportunity is being presented to us to take the mantle of leadership and I believe it will happen.”

The 33-year-old further faulted the recurring problem of indigenisation in Abuja and the country.

He added, “I am not an advocate of indigenisation. I have always preached against someone being an indigene. We are all Nigerians.

“What is the essence of using quota system to choose who will do the job when we can find people who can do the job regardless of wherever they come from, tribe, ethnicity or language they speak?

“Left to me, I will say we should even scrap the indigeneship system and replace it with citizenship because we are just further disintegrating the country.”

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