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Governor Okowa and The Politics of Godfatherism in Burutu



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By John Ekabukumor Oromoni

In the prospect of good governance and to the very core of yearning infrastructural development. It is imperative to outrightly and unequivocally enunciate the prevailing and aching plight bedeviling the people of Delta State particularly Burutu local government area.

This is not easy to say that, reflecting back from over the years of the existence of Burutu local government area under the watch of PDP leadership, it has often been the case of underdevelopment, unemployment and marginalization. Suffice to say, as it is observed, in aggregate and totality of all chairmen emerged has lacked the awareness to use their leadership sagacity to drive home cutting across board all of the communities in Burutu local government area under the 11 wards the dividend of government, and of which the word marginalization has depicted.

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Comrade John Ekabukumor Oromoni

Having said this, they have only cornily compounded development to Burutu community where the headquarter of the local government area is cited.

However, their failure to put the rest communities making up the 11 wards in Burutu LGA into the scheme of things is the reason why developments and employment is not far advanced.

As opposed to democracy, the immediate pass chairman ( Godsknow Angele) who is again at the verge of resustaining the chairmanship office was only brought to power against the interest of the people of Burutu LGA by his boss Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, and as such has as well even portrayed worse of governance, and to which is a deflection that landed merely the backdrop of good governance.

Though, it is no more news that, allocations been regulating to Burutu LGA has on a regular basis been spluttered and percentages are been giving as a returns to his boss Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to lobby for extension of his tenure and that is why he is now again given the PDP ticket as a loyal boy to be returned.

More so. It is so pathetic that even as we linger in this plight but yet thankful to God that, Hon. Godsknow Angele tenure has come to an end, but yet we panic because obviously governor Ifeanyi Okowa has consciously made plans to again impose him on the people of Burutu LGA under the platform PDP, to which why the ticket is again given to him, and which is not only oppose to democracy but the height of Godfatherism.

Now, it is to these emphasis my attention is now drawn to call on His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-agege, Deputy Senate President, Hon. Minister Festus Keyamu (SAN) and all Federal might as well as the public to come to the aide of Burutu people in Delta state by cautioning Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to stay far from interfering in the forthcoming local government election as well as cautioning DSIEC to maintain being neutral, to let the people willingly exercise their franchise to bring on board the man of their choice for transparent and peaceful elections otherwise we will be convinced to say that, contesting an election against PDP as an opposition party now and even in time to come, pending when APC finally takes over the state government is of no essentiality.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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