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Group Condemns Timipre Sylva For Tagging Niger Delta Unsafe For Oil Companies



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A foremost Niger Delta renowned pressure group known as the Niger Delta Creek Movement, NDCM, has condemned the minister for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva on his recent comments describing the Niger Delta an ‘unsafe region’ for IOCs to operate.

In a statement by its National President, Timipre Ndoni, the group blasted the former Bayelsa state governor for an alleged sell out of the region he ought to defend.

The group wondered where the insecurities feared by the leader of the All Progressive Congress in Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta lie.

The statement reads;

It is very barbaric and insulting to the people of Niger Delta that our own son who is a serving minister speaks negatively about region, a man who supposed to defend the his people but ambitiously assault the peaceful region to be described as unsafe environment for multinational oil companies to operate.

Oh! that’s why, Our forefathers said and I quote, It is your house rat that can sell you to others, that’s exactly what Sylva did in his press statement yesterday, a stakeholder like him majestically walk to the pressmen and told them that Multinational oil companies won’t relocate their Headquarters to Niger Delta territories, saying that before any companies to relocate her head office to region, there must be a proper secure environment, that’s to tell us that he’s also among the people that is encouraging the underdevelopment of Niger Delta region.

Let us ask him Mr state petroleum has there been any problem since building the Local Content office in Bayelsa State? why going out to blabbing against the region all in the name of finding political favor.

We therefore, call on Federal Government, Presidential Amnesty Programme,, NNPC and other multinational oil companies to relocate her headquarters to Niger Delta now or they should take back the oil facilities in our land which they’re using in sucking the blood of the land.

We have seen, it is not the companies fault but it’s our top Political leaders that are collaborating with federal government in killing us.

It is now clear that Timipre Sylva, Godswill Akpabio and Rotimi Amechi are our problem.

They should know that no man is bigger than the creator, the privilege given does not merit your to put the less privileges in bondage.

As a group, we are urging the ministry of Presidential Amnesty Programme, Niger Delta Development Commission, Minstry of Niger Delta Affairs, Nigerian National Petroleum Company and all other multinational oil companies to work on the existing peace and bring a sustainable development to the region.

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