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How My Pastor Boyfriend Made Me Have 15 Abortions– Lara Kudayi




Popular Nigerian Relationship coach, Lara Kudayisi
has revealed that she had abortions on 15 different occasions during her relationship with a pastor.

The Therapist made this revelation in an exclusive interview on a TV show with Chude.

According to Kudayisi, she had 15 abortions for the man because he refused to have a pregnant bride due to his pastorhood status.

All these, she noted, happened
because she was naive.


The writer, who has written a book about her past, noted her mother could not believe it when she got to know about the story.

“My mum called me the first time she heard about it. That was some years ago. She told me it’s a lie that I am claiming it so that people would come.”

Speaking further on the topic, she explained she placed marriage as her only priority which was why she always agreed to whatever the guy said at the time.

Secondly because I had the goal to get married. So everything didn’t matter apart from getting married. So even though I got pregnant three times and the guy keeps saying I don’t want to use protection I would still do it. If you remember there is a chapter in the book where I said I married to proof daddy wrong. So I launched operation getting married. That was how the abortions happened. I would say God is just graceful and mercyful to me because after 15 abortions I still conceived. It is now that I am now imagining how did what I did.”


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