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I Want to be Remembered For Stabilizing Nigeria – President Buhari



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President Muhammadu Buhari has said he wants to be remembered as a leader who stabilized Nigeria in terms of security and economy.

The President made the declaration made during a town hall meeting on Thursday, during his official visit to Imo State.

Buhari also told leaders of the South-East region that he cannot be accused of corruption.

Reports of corruption from his aides and close associates caused Mr President to make the claim.


“Nobody can accuse me of having companies or mansions anywhere in the country and I thank God that I try to keep myself as clean as possible, so that I cannot be taken hostage,” he said.

He added that security still remains a major priority in less than two years left in his tenure.

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Issues discussed include stability, where the president said he would want to be remembered as someone who stabilized the country in areas of security, economic prosperity and triumph over corruption.


“If there is no security, there is nothing anyone can do no matter how much you try or the initiative you have.” Buhari said.

“Security is number one priority and then the economy. When people feel secure they will mind their own business.”

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