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INC: Why Ijaw Nation Must Consider Dr Chris Ekiyor For President



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As the Ijaw National Congress (INC) elections draw near, these factors are key and very important in selecting the next president.

  1. Age
    The top job of Ijaw National Congress (President) is not a job that requires any form of slacking or lagging behind. It’s one which is very stressful and rigorous to handle.

We as a people (Ijaws) have been left behind for too long to allow any form of lethargy as a result of old age slowing us down, especially now that the world is clamoring for young and active people to take over leadership. As one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria we should not and can not be left out any more.

  1. Vast knowledge of the Ijaw Nation
    We need someone who is aware of happenings in and around the nooks and crannies of Ijaw Nation. Someone who has played key roles in giving the Ijaw Nation the peace we enjoy today in the region.

Someone who is well recognized as a man who has Ijaw people at heart. Someone who at all times will recognize the problems being faced by the Ijaw people.

  1. A stand well comrade
    Ijaw nation also needs a man who at all times will put the ijaw nation first in all dealings and won’t look back. Someone who is never scared to chest out and fight for the betterment of the ijaw people and region. A man who even in the middle of his deep sleep will rise up to the challenge when duty concerning the ijaw nation calls. A man who wouldn’t be an oil company sponsored INC president. A servant leader who leads from the front at all times.

  2. A voice
    In order to reclaim our swamps in a nation like Nigeria, we need someone with a very loud voice. Not a voice to sing songs or lead choruses, but a strong voice who when he speaks for the Ijaw Nation, you can feel the passion and love in his voice.

When he issues a matching order against our oppressive government, his words will sound and echo like that of a Lion in the ears and hearts of the oppressors of the Ijaw people. Someone who has never been afraid to rise up and speak on behalf of the Ijaw Nation and her people regardless of whose ox is gored .

  1. Vibrancy
    Like I and many other sons of the great Ijaw Nation have always stressed, we as a people need someone whose vibrancy game is 100%, at this point in time when the Ijaws are being left behind in the scheme of things in Nigeria.

We need someone who’s not afraid and wouldn’t think twice to call the authorities to the negotiation table and canvas for the ijaw nation at all times. Someone who is as calm as q butterfly and can still sting like a bee when the need arises. A person who has a track record of his deeds and sacrifices for the Ijaw Nation.

Dear delegates, if you all truly have the Ijaw Nation at heart, I enjoin you all to look critically into these few points I’ve raised here when you want to vote in the next president of the ijaw Nation congress (INC).

Let’s not sell our futures and the futures of our children and children’s children because the time to right all the wrongs is now.

I’m fully aware that some power thirsty folks will come and make juicy offers to you as delegates, just to deceive you to vote for them. I want to urge you all to put the Ijaw Nation first, think of what your generation stands to gain if you turn down such devilish offers from people who only want to be INC President because they need to pile up their accounts before their near retirement.

Vote Chief Dr Chris Ekiyor for the betterment of Ijaw Nation

Chief Dr Chris Ekiyor is the voice we seek

Vote wisely.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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