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Insecurity: Take up Arms, Defend Yourselves, Zamfara Tells Citizens



Take up arms, defend yourselves, Zamfara tells citizens

The Zamfara State government has ordered for its citizens to arm themselves for self-defence in the face of increasing insecurity in the state.

The government also directed the State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ayuba Elkanah to issue adequate licenses to qualified residents with guns.

It further directed residents to prepare and obtain guns to defend themselves against terrorists, who have occupied most parts of the State.

The Zamfara Commissioner for information, Hon. Ibrahim Magaji Dosara, in a press statement noted that the government was ready to facilitate people, particularly farmers in rural areas to secure basic weapons for self-defense.


“The government has already concluded arrangements to distribute 500 forms to each of the 19 Emirates in the State for those willing to obtain guns for self-defense.

“People should apply from the State commissioner of police licenses to own their guns and other basic weapons for self-defense.

“People are strictly warned and advised to ensure that any information or intelligence about informants must be true and nothing but the truth as all information on the informants must carry correct data on the suspects.

“Such information must include their pictures, correct names, addresses, occupation and witnesses to testify the genuineness of the information given as the government will take punitive measures against anyone found to the bandits’ informants.


“Any person who gives wrong information against anyone would also be made to serve the same punishment with the informant and will be treated as such.

“To further ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of these measures and as well the proper implementation of the measures, the government has ordered the formation of a special committee that would be receiving intelligence on the activities of the informants,” he said.

The special committee would be headed by the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Kabiru Balarebe, with several others to serve as members.

The statement further added that the State would leave no stone unturned in order to eliminate the terrorists terrorizing the people.


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