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Insecurity: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly



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Insecurity in the Northern Part of Nigeria; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Part 1.

There was a Western Film I love so much titled the Good the Bad and the Ugly. I love this film because of the Characters of the Actors. The name of the three Actors are Clint Eastwood as the Good, LeeVan Cleef as the Bad and Eliwallach as the Ugly. It is a story of three Bums that go around through the Civil War looking for money.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly follows the quest of three Characters to find hidden Confederate gold. The main Characters played by Clint Eastwood, LeeVan Cleef and Elliwach, Form Uneasy alliances and intense Rivalries. Clint Eastwood plays the man with no name titled good Character, Eliwallach play Ugly Character for an Reward, Oy to their Spring him from his nose so that he can gather the Reward in another town is judicious in his use if force, He has no regard for lying and Stealing, yet he his quick to cross himself after a murder and to cry out if he his ever crossed. He determined who is friend and Foes his.

The Bad Character in the film is Played with Coming Danger by the Lee Van Cleef nicknamed “Angel eyes” Can Cleef Character is a man whose only loyalty is to play. Angel eye is the Dangerous man Capable of using the mantle of Authority for his own Personal end.

Arch Bishop Kukah is the Good, Anglo Abdullahi is the Bad and Sheikh Gumi is the Ugly.

Arch Bishop of Sokoto (Catholic) Reverend Father Kukah. Matthew Hassan Kukah is the Current Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Sokoto in North Western Nigeria. He his a Nationalist, A Patriotic Leader which has work very hard for the Peace and Co- existence in every tribes I’m Nigeria, He has served and worked very hard to bring Genuine Peace to the North and also help to build a Strong, United and Prosperous Nation. To me he his the Good Leader in the Northern Part in Nigeria today.

Abdullahi Mustapha is a Nigeria Professor of the Medicinal Chemistry and Former Vice Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He his a leader of Arewa Consultative Forum. He is a member of Northern Oligarchy, A Fauder Lord, a tribalist leader who only has the interest of the North on his Heart, To him they can kill other Tribe and the Christains and burn their Churches, He can go to sleep. So far nothing happen to Hausa’s and Fulani and Northern Muslims. He put blames on President Buhari and his Government for the problem of Boko- Haram.

That they should be held responsible for Banditry Terrorism but Professor Abdullahi help to creat Monster called Boko- Haram today by protecting and defending them in the early stage. Professor Ango Abdullahi should be held responsible for the insecurity in the North today. He his an Ugly Leader in the North today and the most Dangerous Leader.

Sheikh Gumi receives Elementary Lessons in Quran, Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Arabic at home, then joined Regular School and became a Sheikh and He his also a Islamic Cleric Scholar and former Military Officer with the Rank of Captain in the Nigeria Defence Academy.

In 1984 and 90’sThere was a Religious Riot in Kaduna and Sheikh Gumi was the one leading Almajiri to kill and Destroy and drive away Non-Muslims. He is one of the Islamic leader who have been preaching Violence, Religion Intolerance to the Muslims in the North, Especially to the Almajiri’s who majority of them are members of Boko-Haram and Bandit that are tormenting People of the North today.

He his the one who said if the Government do not give Amnesty to the Bandit they are going to be more killing and she’d of blood. He also said that the Bandit that are kidnapping People for money, Killing Innocent People, Maimed and burning their house are less evil than some Violent crime that is happening today. Some Arrested Boko- Haram member in America has been linked to him.

He was Arrested and banned from entering Saudi- Arabia but in Nigeria he his a free man and highly Respected Isamic Leader. What a Shame! To me Sheikh Gumi is an Ugly Leader in the North today.

In Part 2 of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly- You will read more why Bishop Hassan Kukah is the Good, Professor Ango Abdullahi is the Bad and Sheikh Gumi is the Ugly. Please don’t miss it. It is quit Reviling, Exciting and Educating. And who ever said that what Concern me about the North, I will say no Northern loves the North like I do, I’ve sevee the North Voluntarily and Selflessly. One of the problem of the North id Desertification.

I have also spent my money time and energy to embark on Tree planting Campaign in Sokoto, Sokoto State and in Maiduguri in Borno State to check Desert Encroachment and you read my Memoir on Facebook why the former Northern Region Governor, Alhaji Kashim Ibrahim said I that “I deserve a place in a Patheon of a Nigerian Hero”.

Please watch for the Part 2.

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