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IPOB May Not Have a Hand in All The Attacks and Lawlessness – Amechi



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First Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi, yesterday, warned Ndigbo to be at alert, saying there is a grand plan to wipe Ndigbo out of Nigeria and Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB May not be behind all the attacks and Lawlessness going on in the south east region of the country.



Chief Amechi was reacting to the recent killing of IPOB-led Eastern Security Network, ESN, Commander in Mgbidi, Imo State and subsequent burning of part of Imo State governor’s home in .Omuma, Oru Local Government Area of the state.

“In the present day Nigeria, people see the truth and they feel too afraid or too timid to say the truth.That is the problem with Nigeria and its present leadership. The truth is that what is happening in Nigeria, not only in Igbo land is a pathological hatred for Ndigbo.

“If you read the reply of Gwarzo or somebody’s reply to Chief Femi Fani Kayode, the man stated the truth. He stated what they want.They see southern Nigeria as their slave.

“And that is what is happening in Benue State now. Benue State and the South East are now places mapped out for conquering.

“However, the whole thing is sort of back-firing against them with what is happening in the North. But it is part of the programme, not allowing Christian schools particularly schools where they teach Western Education to function, not allowing Christian secondary schools to function and particularly with the release of the Almajirai who have been kept in the forest.

“The Almajirai have been excluded from the communities by the perpetrators of this insecurity and have been training them with the use of weapons in the forest and they have released them to go out, arming them with weapons and so on to attack people.

“But the Igbo man has to be very careful. I do not believe that IPOB will be cowardly to deny if it was involved in the attacks in the South East. I do not think that IPOB lacks the courage to own up involvement if they are actually involved.

” I am saying that they are not involved. They are only trying to accuse them to give a dog a bad name to hang it. That is what is happening in Igbo land now.

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“I will advise IPOB to steer clear of what is happening in the South East and let the truth be revealed. Let them maintain the sanctity of their innocence. If the ESN people are attacked, let them defend themselves. I don’t want IPOB to go into violence because they have neither the arms nor the wherewithal and capability to do that.

“And as a matter of fact, who is investigating these attacks? The Police is investigating the IPOB. Can the police investigate the government or themselves? What is happening now is like what Hitler did against the Jews, sent their secret service men to commit certain crimes and got back to accuse the Jews. That is what is happening now in Nigeria.

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“Their hands are involved. I believe they are sending them to commit these attacks and burning of properties so that the impression will be that IPOB is behind it in order for them to either kill them or declare a state of emergency in Igbo land or to do whatever they like or completely kill the Igbo the way they like.”

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