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It’s Neither APC or PDP – Nigerians Are Wicked And Heartless People



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We are just wicked people. Simple.

CBN pumped billions of naira into rice production, and we are big producers now. Yet same Nigerians helped by government to go into rice farming at single digit interest rate are seizing the opportunity of non-competition from importation to sell at exorbitant price – We are just wicked.

PHCN was sold with clauses that practically make us slaves to the buyers. For government to severe the sales agreement would cost about 3trillion naira. The sellers that accepted such conditions are Nigerians, the buyers who are part of the agreement are Nigerians too. We are just wicked.

Government subsidises petrol consumption for every body to benefit, but empty vessels would sail to our waters and payment received for empty vessels. The fake importers and those approving payments are Nigerians. We are just wicked.

Many, shouting about corruption or misgovernance are bitter because they are not part of the game, or waiting and praying it would get to their turn. We are just wicked.

Check us out in all facets. The policeman that would kill because of N50 ($0.125).

The Custom Officer that would allow fake drugs and ammunitions into the country because he has been “settled.”

The exam supervisor that would sell question papers.

The government hospital personnel that would steal drugs and attend not to patience.

The contractor that would collect mobilisation fee and not execute jobs. Some even collect the whole contract money without doing anything.

A fellow Nigerian would murder another because of sacrifice for money – we are just wicked.

Nigeria set up IPPIS. Nigerians (including our supposed intellectual lecturers) are on strike for IPPIS, students are at home because of the strike – Nigeria suffers because of our wickedness.

All the time OUR government roundly run by Nigerians is blamed in tales – we are all contributors to these wickedness.

Wicked people – leaders and followers alike.

Take a stand against wicked Nigerians, else there will be no end.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Daily Report Nigeria

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