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Jordan Lawmakers Exchange Blows During Parliament Session on TV (VIDEO)



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A video of lawmakers in Amman, Jordan exchanging blows during a live plenary session on Tuesday, December 28, has gone viral.

In the clip spotted by Daily Report Nigeria, the lawmakers traded punches in a brawl captured on national television.

The exchange of blows started after an argument escalated following a call by the speaker of the assembly ordering his deputy to leave.

Several of the lawmakers were seen punching each other, while a deputy fell to the ground.


Others could be seen shouting in the chaotic scenes that lasted a couple of minutes.

One of the witnesses and member of the parliament, Khalil Atiyeh said, “There was a verbal shouting match that turned into a fist fighting by several deputies. The behavior is unacceptable to our people and harms our country’s reputation.”

The failure of one of the lawmakers to apologize over the use of unwarranted remarks is said to have led to the brawl.

Watch video HERE


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