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Kaffy Appreciates Fans, Colleagues For Their Support Over her Failed Marriage



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Popular Nigerian dancer, Kaffy has received support from her fans and colleagues following her earlier Instagram post about her divorce from her ex-husband, Joseph Ameh.

Amongst many others who made supportive comments on the dancer’s post, Nikki Laoye, gospel singer who was recently proposed to by Snatcha said;

“Well said my sister. The whole truth right here. No need for bitterness or the toxicity at all. Kaffy, God has always been your strength, love. Hugs to you always.”

In another post, the mother of two appreciated everyone for their love, support, and concerns.


She said, “Wow! I want to say thank you to everyone who called, sent messages of prayers, who were concerned or worried, as well as those who were hurt regarding my marriage. It’s all love and I am grateful.

“There are lessons to be learnt and I won’t keep quiet about those lessons. Failure is information; not condemnation. Mine will be used to help others to do better and be better. Marriage can work but let’s all get off our high horses of wishful thinking and face the realities required to make it work.”

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