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Man Arrested for Raping Waitress for 4 Hours in Abuja



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36-year-old Patrick Odey has been arrested by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command for allegedly raping a 21-year-old waitress for hours at gunpoint in Orozo area of the state.

Odey was said to have invaded the bar where the 25-year-old waitress works in Anguwan Seriki area of Orozo community, on Wednesday, January 12, forcefully made his way to her apartment which is located on the grounds of the bar, and allegedly attacked, raped her at gunpoint from 1 am to 4 am, and later took her to his house where he continued.

A resident, who gave his name as Kelechi, said the suspect had been arrested. He also added that a pistol was found in one of his cooking pots when his house was searched.

Kelechi said;


“The suspect has been arrested. He was sleeping when the police came this morning. When his house was searched, the police saw a pistol with live ammunition inside one of his cooking pots. The guy is one of those guys that usually terrorize the community. He is the leader of a cult in the area called the Hardcore.

“The guy lived close to the bar. According to the narration the girl gave to the police, Patrick came to her apartment around 1 am. She recently joined as a salesgirl. He forcefully opened the door of her room, pointed a gun at her, and asked her to cooperate.

“She said she started pleading with him that she was an orphan but the guy did not listen to her. She said he raped her from 1am to 4 am. At some minutes past 4 am, she said the guy took her to his apartment where he continued.

“He threatened to kill her if she told anyone. The girl reported to the police and was taken to a hospital in Karish.”


DSP Josephine Adeh, FCT police spokesperson while confirming the incident, said the police has commenced investigation into the case.

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