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Man Reveals Why Deborah Samuel Was Murdered




A young man simply identified as Ikechukwu has reacted to the death of Late Ms. Deborah Samuel who was reportedly attacked by a mob over a statement understood as an insult to Prophet Mohammed.

The deceased was a 200-level Home Economics student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto.

Reacting to the incident on social media, Ikechuku viewed that this kind of activity does not only happen between Muslims and Christians.

He stated that there are Christians who also murder theirs verbally and otherwise.


He added that there are some if given the privilege would slay youths for any kind of misconduct.

In conclusion, Ikechukwu affirmed that human actions come from the heart, hence one must pray to protect it.

He said:
We are talking about the death of Deborah

What of Christians who destroy each other with the words and thoughts of our hearts.”
Let’s learn to love each other irrespective of our differences


*Let love lead, your real enemy is hatred, in forgiveness, pride, and bitterness in our heart, let’s fix the heart in prayers and you won’t see village people (enemies) ❤️*

If you leave some Christians they will stone some youths to death for indecent dressing, smoking, fornication, adultery, and masturbation

All this thing is heart problem not world problem

The heart of man is too wicked only the help of God can save us, Ask God to fix your heart today.”


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