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Man Sentenced To 400 Years In Prison For Raping 10-Years-Old Stepdaughter 1,000 Times



A man is to spend his next 400 years in prison.

According to the Durban High Court in South Africa, the 46-years-old man who raped his 10-years-old stepdaughter close to 1,000 times over five years, was sentenced to nine life terms on Friday, March 26.

He was further given a 173-year prison sentence after being found guilty of 56 counts relating to sexual abuse, distribution of child pornography, sexual grooming, human trafficking and rape.

The one-bedroom apartment where the man had reportedly kept the girl hostage for years had one entrance with windows blacked out with newspapers and a bolted door.

He is to serve his almost 400-years prison sentence at Durban’s Westville Correctional Centre.

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