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Meet Global Good Governance Awards Awardee, Magbulu-Monina Mabel Ebele



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(Pastor, Dr. Mrs.) fcimn |cmc, fimc, is a Distinguished Nominee to be Honoured at the Prestigious Global Good Governance Ambassadors Award /Summit Nigeria 2021 Holding at the Sheraton Hotel Abuja FCT Nigeria on Thursday 28th October 2021

Remarkable contributions to the social and economic development of Nigeria in the human capital development, real estate development, religious, and philanthropy sectors, Mabel has made enduring impacts that are exemplary. Mabel’s visionary, charismatic, focused, responsible, and result-oriented approach to leadership, management, and cooperative endeavors have birthed organizations, companies, and associations that are contributing to the social and economic development of the country.

In 2000, upon the passing of her beloved and inspirational father, and with virtually no resources, family, or friends, Mabel relocated to Lagos from Edo state with a singular mindset of achieving success. Upon her arrival, she sooner commenced an adventurous journey of learning, serving, trusting, imbibing, and applying valuable knowledge and know-how in the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, and corporate management.

Mabel is an active member, and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, CIMN, the Institute of Management Consultants, FIMC and Certified Management Consultant, CMC


Mabel founded several businesses and organizations in her belief that her innate entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and interest could afford her the platform to succeed. Some of the companies failed. Some of the organizations are no more. Without bowing to the past failed attempts at building a viable business, she, with relentless spirit, and armed with that unwavering belief, advent into the real estate industry, marketing, serving, and learned, and sooner founded Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited in 2018. With meagre financial capital, but huge capital of belief she determined to embrace the opportunities which became evident to her with her understanding and entrepreneurial and marketing knowledge and know-how.

Mabel proved herself a competent corporate leader, management expert, and consummate entrepreneur with the merger of the two most vital elements – belief and understanding. These, she combined with relentless hard work, unwavering integrity, and focused diligence to grow the young company from mere six million Naira in gross asset to over two billion Naira in less than three years.

One of Mabel’s topmost goal is to create and manage a corporate conglomerate with businesses ranging from real estate, construction, engineering, energy, finance, merchandizing, and marketing. She knew from her ardent study and researches of global corporate leaders and giants that for her to have such a formal, world-class corporate organization she must establish a full-fledged corporate governance structure with board of directors and effective governance and management systems with which to govern the envisioned behemoth.

Not desiring a one-man (nay, one woman) business, unlike most Nigerian entrepreneurs and corporates, Mabel ensured the formation of a Board of Directors to lead the governance structure of Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited in 2020. She ensured the development and operation of full-fledge corporate governance systems with a board of directors made up of people who shared her integrity, competence, and capacity attributes. This is a rare phenomenon among her peers, of both genders, in the industry.


Operating in the real estate industry where there are many fraudulent practitioners and companies, Mabel has been able to lead the Company to earn and retain the respect and admirations of peers. She has become a role model by the several accolades and awards heaped on her person and the company for the steady, sure, and soaring achievements being attained.

Mabel appreciates and derive joy with the honored bestowed on her by the Igwete-In-Council of Amai Kingdom as the Ada Ugo 1 of Amai Kingdom on the 13th February 2019 for her contributions to her ancestral homeland.

Other awards and accolades bestowed on her, personally and as the CEO of Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited, in recognition of her contributions to development of Nigeria, and humanity are as follows:

Award Organization – West Africa Youth Council
Award – Nelson Mandela Leadership Award of Excellence and Integrity/ECOWAS Icon of Societal Development” presented to Mrs. Mabel Magbulu-Monina
Date of Award – 31 January 2021.


Award Organization – Anioma Youths with Empowerment & Employment Opportunities.
Award – “Award of Excellence as the Nwa Ada Anioma” presented to Mrs. Mabel Magbulu-Monina
Date of Award – 11 February 2021

Award Organization – Good Deal Communications Limited.
Award – “Prestigious Award As Property Company of the Year” presented to Eagle’s Height Properties And Investment Limited.
Date of Award – 27 December 2020.

Award Organization – Yoruba Youth Assembly (YYA)/Igbimo Odo Yoruba L’agbaiye
Award – “Certificate of Award into The YYA Hall Fame” presented to Mrs. Mabel Monina
Date of Award – 3 December 2020.

Award Organization – Yoruba Youth Assembly.
Award – “Yoruba Youth Leadership Award” presented to Mrs. Mabel Magbulu-Monina
Date of Award – 3 December 2020.


Award Organization – National Secretariat, Youth For Change Initiative/ The Kwame Nkrumah Exemplary Leadership Award On Integrity And Excellence
Award – “As Fast Rising Real Estate Company of the Year” presented to Mrs. Mabel Magbulu-Monina
Date of Award – 27 November 2020.

Award Organization – Pan African International Magazine
Award – Reliable Real Estate Development Company of the Year” presented to Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited.
Date of Award – 8 November 2020.

Award Organization – Real Estate Excellence Awards.
Award – “Most Promising Real Estate Marketing Company of the Year” presented to Eagle’s Height Properties & Investments Limited.
Date of Award – 5 September 2020.

Awarding Organization – Congress of Nigeria Youth (CONYS), National Body
Award – “Platinum Award of Excellence” presented to Mrs. Mabel Magbulu
Date of Awards: 2020.


Award Organization – Global Mindset Media Achievers
Award – “Excellence Awards As the Most Fast Rising Real Estate Female Marketer of the Year” presented to Mrs. Mabel Magbulu-Monina.
Date of Award – 2020.

Award Organization – Real Estate Excellence Awards.
Award – “Emerging Real Estate Company of the Year” to Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited
Date of Award – 21 September 2019

Award Organization – Nigeria Property Merit Awards 2018.
Award – “Award of Excellence for Most Outstanding Properties &
Investments Real Estate Company Of the Year” presented to Eagle’s Height Properties & Investment Limited
Date of Award – 2018.

Mabel also made it into the Ndokwa Hall of Fame as published by Good Deal Communications Limited on the Prestigious “Ndokwa Torch Bearers” 2020.


Mabel was Ranked and Awarded one of the 100 Most Influential Deltans by Mayorkings Agency in Asaba Delta State 15th July 2021

Mabel has been consistent in the use of the core values of the Company; integrity, competence, capacity, to deal with the diverse people who she has course to relate with. These core values were derived from, and are extensions of, her personality. She endeavors to address any hostile attitudes of landowners and suppliers with her goal-oriented, composed, and determined approach to obtaining resolutions that are favorable to all parties. And where tough decisions and actions are deemed necessary, she never shirked from taking them.

Mabel’s approach to social and economic challenges that confront many Nigerians is not to complain or blame the government, parents, or the society. She believes in personal responsibility; that an individual is responsible for her life. She believes one must do whatever is necessary, and morally right and legally compliant to set effective and achievable goals and work relentlessly towards achieving them.

For herself, she continues to use valuable knowledge and know-how, focused determination, purpose-driven hard work, and a relentless spirit to succeed to arrive at the pedestal she currently attained.


For other Nigerians of diverse ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures who call her friend, mother, pastor, sister, and boss, she found it expedient and fruitful to invest in their human capital potentials, rather than providing only material necessity. She has contributed to the furthering of the education, assisting the establishment of businesses and formation of social betterment organizations for over 100 Nigerians many of whom are thriving today. This is excluding several hundred women and men, members of her cooperative and real estate affiliate programs, who are becoming millionaires and succeeding and attaining their goals by their association with her and her endeavors.

Mabel believes that knowledgeable is one vital element in the drive toward success. She is an ardent and insatiable reader of exceptional books on success, motivation, human development, finance, economics, corporate governance, religion, and others. With her exceptional perceptive, retention, and coaching mindset and abilities, she has authored three books: 1) “Reproductive Health Anatomy” – 2012, and 2) “Determination: All You Need to Reach the Sky” – 2020 and Walking with Jesus – Daily Devotional: to help strengthen Christians’ relationship with God. The aims of writing these books were basically to share some of her knowledge and experiences so that the next generation and peers can have some bases from which to start or expand their life activities.

Mabel has been able to combine her roles as a mother, wife, pastor, business leader, and life coach, with that of steering a company through the rigors of legal, regulatory, governance, management, and clients’ relationship management, and joggles to balance the challenging inconsistencies. She joggles these responsibilities with the aim of causing consistent improvement in the financial conditions of the Company within the framework of volatile macroeconomics.

In the management of her family and home, she uses unrepentant love, unrelenting patience, open and honest communication, maturity, and attention to details that the tasks of a wife and a mother demand. And yes, she is another proof that women can and do have all it takes to become successful in business, notwithstanding the demands of family, and sundry social challenges.


Above and beyond all else, Mabel believes that it is the unceasing grace, abundance favors, and purposeful guidance of God Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, that have been her stronghold of protection and the maker of her successes.

I present to you (Dr. Pastor, Mrs.) Mabel Ebele, Magbulu-Monina, fcimn | Cmc, fimc

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