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Mother of Four Murdered by her Boyfriend who Accused her of Cheating



33-year-old woman has reportedly been murdered by her 45-year-old boyfriend identified as Juta Mosadi, on Thursday, February 24, in South African.

Mosadi who was arrested after the incident is expected to re-appear in Luhurutshe Magistrates’ Court, South Africa, on Wednesday, March 2.

According to a statement by police spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani, the boyfriend had an argument with the girlfriend at their resident at Dinokana, Lehurutshe outside Zeerust.

It was learnt that during the argument Mosadi accused the victim of cheating.


On Thursday night, 24 February 2022, the suspect drove out with the victim with claims that they were going to buy food outside, leaving their four kids at home.

The suspect further took the victim to a bush and allegedly assaulted her until she became unconscious, before he took her back to the house.

The suspect who became worried when the victim did not respond to him, alerted the victim’s mother.

The victim was however, taken to a local clinic, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.


Consequently, Mosadi was arrested and charged with murder.

He appeared in the Lehurutshe Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 28 February 2022, for his first court appearance.

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