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Muslim Youths Butcher CAN Chairman to Death in Kano



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Muslim youths in Sumalia Local Government Area have allegedly butchered the Christian Association Chairman of the Council to death.

Pastor Shuaibu was reportedly attacked on Thursday at about 12:15 am by youths of Massu village over the rapid growth of his ministry.

His assailants also burnt down his house, the church and the school during the attack.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the Hausa Christians Foundation narrated the incident as thus;


“Rev. Shuaibu has been the Northeastern Evangelist of New life Church and the CAN chairman of Sumaila Local Government area of Kano state in Nigeria. He lived in a village called Massu.

“Recently, the growth of the Missionary base in Massu had been envied by the Moslems and the wish for its uproot from the environment for no justifiable reasons.


“Few days ago one young Man who converted from Islam but has neither been going to Church nor mosque fought with his brothers wife. In the cause of fight, he hit her with with Piston and she died, the young man surrendered himself to the MOPOL that are stationed in the area and was taken to the station for further prosecution.

“The place became so tensed as people who heard the position of the Moslems in the area advised the Reverend to leave the area for a safer place because the Moslems felt the young man who killed a woman in a fight is a Christian sensing that as usual, they may attack and the Reverend is the main target especially because of his obvious exploits.


“He left for one of the neighboring villages called Biri where he stayed for a night, the next day he came back to vacate the school pupils to avoid any eventualities knowing that if the school activities continued, the children can easily be targeted and killed.

“Late Reverend Shuaibu noticed that the tension was dowsed and he thought he could stay with his family and people, but the Moslems gather their mob and descended on him, macheted him badly, burnt down his House, the church and the school in the night.

“His wife was able to sneak out with the Children in the midst of the mob since it was dark already.

“The report reached the brethren in other villages and the vice CAN chairman called the police. Before they arrived the damage was already great, they rush him to the hospital trying resuscitate him but He could not make it,” the statement read in part.


The Kano State Police Command as well as the Christian Association of Nigeria were yet to comment on the incident.

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