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NDDC: Group Tells Akpabio to Resign Over ‘Incompetence’



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The Ijaw Interest Advocates has called on the minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio to resign from office over an alleged ‘incompetence’.

In a statement by it’s National Coordinator, Amb Arerebo Yerinmene, the group berated the former Governor of Akwa Ibom State over his recent comments telling aggrieved Niger Deltans to channel their grievances to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group said, “It is becoming very obvious that, Akpabio as Minister of Niger Delta Affairs and supervisory Minister of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has ran out of ideas and can no longer manage the affairs of the commission as well as the Niger delta ministry with his superlative lies upon lies.

“Since he took over the affairs of the commission, its from one twist of unbelievable drama to another with endless protests from the people of the region.


“Is the Niger Delta ministry the only ministry in the Federal Republic of Nigeria under this government? But the reasons are not far fetched, we have a greedy minister that speaks from the both sides of the mouth.

“As a matter of fact, Akpabio’s latest statement referring and directing people from the Niger delta region, genuinely protesting against the continued illegalities he created in the NDDC under his supervision to henceforth channel their grievance and protests to constitute the NDDC substantive board to Mr. President Buhari is a very clear case of absolute incompetence.

The Izanzan Intellectual Camp brought to mind it’s endless calls to the Presidency to call Akpabio to order.

“We have earlier warned for the presidency to immediately call Akpabio to order to stop using the name of Mr. President Buhari to cover up his lies and atrocities as regards the mismanagement of funds and constitution of the NDDC substantive board.


“Akpabio’s fraudulent mismanagement of NDDC and the region is creating unnecessary tense atmosphere in the oil rich Niger Delta, that is adversely affecting the peaceful co-existence of the host communities and the operations of the multi national oil companies.

“Throttling round settling individuals with money and paying people for praise singing will not bring an eventual peace to the region, won’t stop the people from agitating nor will it overturn the genuine demand by the people to do the right thing by constituting the NDDC board for even representation by all states for functionality.

“In the Niger Delta region, there are core issues that are unattended to but Akpabio is only interested in perpetuating a game plan to hold onto only to the financial jaws of NDDC that will enable him to continue his looting spree.

“We have issues of Illegal bunkering activities, pipeline destructions, pollution in our waterways as a result of spillage, communal conflicts between oil companies and host communities and a lot others which ought to be attended to but Akpabio as minister do not consider his ministry and the NDDC as part of the immediate government offices charged with the aforementioned primary responsibilities to create an enabling environment for companies to operate.


“His major priority is how he can fraudulently continue to maintain himself as the sole authority to all the accounts of NDDC which to us is highly unacceptable.

“Because of the sensitive nature of our region, we the people of the Niger Delta region are urgently calling on the Presidency for Akpabio’s immediate replacement with a capable and selfless person with love for the Niger Delta as minister of Niger Delta Affairs, that will follow and uphold the rule of law and the act establishing the NDDC squarely to do the right things by immediately constitute the substantive board to bring back normalcy to the region.

“The region is in dire need of a replacement that will allay the fears of the region by attending to the primary needs of the region and not a supervisory minister that will solely loot the commonwealth of the people to the detriment of the region’s peace and development.

“Akpabio’s NDDC is not working as staff too can barely count a number of days they are allowed into the offices because of endless protest by various groups in the region.


“Therefore, at this premise, we are boldly calling on Akpabio to resign immediately for a more purposeful, committed and sincere person to take over the affairs of the ministry to enable us regain a normalcy in NDDC and a stable region while also calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to heed to our call as the entire Niger Delta people are tired of Akpabio’s superlative gimmicks that are creating instability in commission and our region at large,” Arerebo added.

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